The Exterior Building Washing Business

Going about a painting task the DIY way can be a tiring task. It is best to get the professionals to do it. They understand paint and know which the right paint to use is. There are many brands of paint in the market so it is vital to have a good working knowledge of paint. This calls again for a professional. If the exterior walls for your home or commercial building need a coat of paint, let experts assist. They have excellent finishing unlike a painting enthusiast. Residents of Auckland, New Zealand can rely on the Mr. Housewash and Paint Company.  They offer excellent exterior building washing services.

Mr. Housewash and Paint was founded in January 2014. Though they are a young company, they have started off with a bang.  The founder Mr. Malo was initially an employee before he started this company. He worked in the painting industry and when time was right, he left to start his own painting company. He has 12 years of experience in the painting related industry. To take care of the management and accounting side, he got a partner, Paula Te Kiri. She has over 15 years of business experience. Together, they are the formidable team behind Mr. Housewash and Paint. They also have painters who are experienced.

Among their services on offer is exterior building washing. This involves cleaning the outside walls of buildings, residential and commercial. The painters use water sprayed though a nozzle at high speeds to remove peeling paint, and other smudges that make the wall look unpleasant. They wash garages, houses, sheds, fences, decks and patios, carports, stairs, walls. They are a versatile team of painters and they do not take shortcuts when doing their work.

Mr.Housewash and Painting Company have interior painting services as well. These are their painting services:  doors, windows, ceilings, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, and hallways among others. Their services are affordable. Clients can call and request for a free assessment. This involves an onsite visit to determine the actual cost of the work. This helps the client to prepare financially for the work ahead. It helps the business identify the products and equipment they will use to complete the project. Check out their website for their online form. They can also be reached by calling or email. All these are available on their website. Try out their exterior building washing services. They are worth every cent spent.

Do read the testimonials also on their website. They are a good indication of the services they offered to pas t clients. These are favorable reports that have been posted by real people who used their services. They are especially pleased by the quality of work, the painter’s attitude and the fact that they clean up after themselves. Customers do not have to worry about having to do a lot of tidying up. It has been done for them. Their exterior building washing services are excellent. Get in touch.

The Skia Sweet Spot Trainer

Balance is a huge thing with skiers. Without it, it becomes very difficult to ski. There is help for all skiers. Learners and those in the advanced stages will find it a great help.

A Dr. Martin Breach and Hugh Monney worked together and came up with the solution to the balance problem. Dr. Martin though a medical doctor was interested in sports medicine and biomechanics. Hugh Monney was in the skiing business. Together they came up with the Skia Sweet Spot trainers. They had to meet a certain criteria before they could be released for testing. They had to be light enough for skiers to carry in a small bag.  They also had to be strong, tough and durable to withstand different skier weight, falls and not get damaged. They had to be right for a sport that takes a heavy toll on skiing boots.

The skiers had to be safe to use. They particularly had to be easy to use indoors on any firm floor. This was necessary to help skiers train at any time. Skiing schools are not open all the time neither is there snow always. With time, the Skia sweet spot trainers were created, tested and finally released into the mass market. They turned out to be a popular tool. They are fun to use and help the skier get balance right. It helps beginners also have fewer falls and they also use the right muscles to ski. This reduces joint pains and aching muscles. Skiers are pleased to discover that they automatically use the movements they have learnt using the trainers. Balance movements such as leg pivoting, flex and extend in balance and lateral movements from edge to edge are not a problem.

The Skia Sweet spot trainers are easy to use on any firm floor. They can be used at home, gym, hotel room and bedroom. As long as the floor is right, the user can go ahead and learn how to ski right. They will correct balance issues, increase stamina and agility. They will also correct the improper use of certain muscles that causes them to experience muscular aches and joint pains. They will also correct movement patterns. Leg pivoting, flex and extend in balance and lateral movements from edge to edge will not be an issue. They will be able to use the right movements once they go to ski on the slope.

Have a look at the testimonial page and see what users have written about the Skia sweet spot trainers. They are all in agreement that these are the right aids to skiing better. They write of corrected and improved balance skills. They are also delighted that they do not have to train on the skiing slope. Having their training sessions at home was a big boost since they could exercise on a regular basis. One positive improvement about the trainers is how their balance improved. This definitely had a great impact on their ability to ski faster, smarter and safer.

What Makes a Great Caterer?

If you are planning an event such as a wedding or corporate meeting, you might have considered using a caterer. You will want to be sure that you are hiring a caterer who will be dependable and provide the food and services you request. So how do you know if the caterer you are considering is any good? Look for the following qualities in those choices you are mulling over.


You may not be able to tell a lot about a catering service before you hire them, but you can find out a lot by reading up on companies that provide catering in Auckland. One of the key components that any good caterer should have is to be on time. And if a catering company is not, you can be sure their clients will call them out on it in the reviews and testimonials they post.

If your caterer is late, it can ruin the entire event and even cause guests to start looking for their own food. If you would like to avoid that situation, then make sure your caterer can be depended on.

Quality Food

Of course, it doesn’t matter if the company you have hired for catering in Auckland is on time if their food is terrible. It might be burnt or dry or bland or have any number of problems but it only takes one of them to ruin the food.  Once again, reviews are your friend. If you can, talk to someone who has used them in the past, so you can get an honest assessment of their service and the quality of their food.

Catering in Auckland requires more than showing up on time. If you want your event to be successful, you will have to make sure that the food is incredible. It wouldn’t hurt to order a sample before the big event just to check them out for yourself.

Exceptional Service

Now service ties into the other points, but it stands on its own as important as well. Your catering in Auckland that you have decided to use may be timely and may provide delicious food. But if they are rude, unhelpful and unable to serve your guests efficiently, you will end up with some rather unhappy gests. The few that got their food and were treated nicely may be fine, but the rest are going to be miserable.

If you want the best catering in Auckland, you don’t have to look any farther than Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Catering. This company has a great track record for being on time, providing delicious food and offering their clients and their guests impeccable service.

If you don’t want to take chances with your party and the happiness of your guests, you will want to choose a catering company that has proven to be reliable. From a varied menu to friendly staff, Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Catering has everything you need to make sure your party is unforgettable.